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5 tricks to sell your house online successfully!

How to sell a house online in 2020?

  • Use online appraisal tools
  • Take photos, videos and virtual tours of the house
  • Promote the sale on real estate portals
  • Use video calls to show the floor
  • Publicize the sale on social networks

The Internet has considerably improved our lives and has facilitated the execution of most of the processes. Nowadays we use mobile phones and computers for almost everything : finding addresses, ordering food, shopping, buying products, booking hotels and even to find the love of our lives. In fact, according to the INE, at least 91.4% of Spanish households have access to the web and, of the total number of users, 87.7% use it at least once a week.

But what about the real estate world of Blue World City Islamabad? As expected, www has also invaded this sector and, through proptech , is changing the rules of the game when buying and selling flats . For this reason, if our intention is to sell our house quickly, we cannot be left behind and we must take advantage of the innumerable tools that the web offers us to achieve our goal.

But what do you have to do to sell a house online? In the following image we explain how to achieve it:


  • Take advantage of free online appraisals
  • Use quality photos, videos and virtual tours
  • Support us in real estate portals
  • Use video calls to show the floor
  • Disseminate the sale on social networks

Next, we explain one by one these tips to put our floor just one click away from hundreds of buyers :

  1. Rate your apartment online for free!

Deciding at what price to sell is the first step we must take to put our apartment on the market. Obviously, it is a complicated choice, but the good news is that there are multiple appraisal tools on the web that can facilitate the process .

Thus, we can consult through these channels and, generally, for free, at what price our apartment is quoted in the sale market. Many of these tools have been developed by online appraisal companies, banks and real estate entities and use big data technology and, in some cases, their own data to make an estimate.

Of course, it is important to make as many evaluations as possible and compare the results between the different sources . In this way, we can develop our own price range and choose one that fits our sales strategy and at the same time that we can afford to sell.

  1. Use photos, videos and virtual tours

On the Internet they send audiovisual resources. If we want to compete with the hundreds of sellers who promote their houses on the web, we have to resort to heavy artillery to advertise our apartment.

In this sense, photographs, videos, virtual visits and other resources such as plans or virtual reforms can be our best allies in our campaign to win over a buyer.

Best of all, there are hundreds of free or low-cost applications and websites that can help us in the work:


Apps to edit photos

If photography is not our thing, we should not worry. There are many applications that can help us to retouch the images so that our floor looks like a magazine. Some like Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express or VSCO are free and very easy to use . Although, if we do not clarify, they have explanatory tutorials that teach us to take advantage of its advantages.

360º videos

The advantage of 360º videos is that they allow those interested to make a virtual visit of the apartment without having to travel . They are usually so realistic that they have become a tactic widely used by real estate agencies to promote their sales. We can do this ourselves if we have the appropriate equipment, but if not, we can hire this service on the web for a variety of prices. For example, the Idealista real estate portal offers it for about 199 euros.

House plans

The plans of the house can be very helpful if the apartment we want to sell needs reforms, since the potential buyer can get an idea of ​​the layout of the spaces and the main walls of the house . There are some websites like HomeStyler or FloorPlanner that we can use for free to make the plan ourselves. We don’t have to be a master of design to do this, we just have to draw the walls taking into account the dimensions of the rooms.

  1. Post ads on real estate portals

Once we have the photos, videos and plans to promote the sale of our house with great fanfare, we need a website that offers us the highest possible visibility. In this regard, there is nothing better than real estate portals. They receive millions of visits per month and hundreds of apartments are published daily to sell.

If we sell as individuals we can use them freely and completely free of charge. Most offer zero cost ads to those who decide to sell solo . Although, if we want to promote the sale, we also have the possibility of paying to appear in the first search positions.

It is important that when uploading our ads for sale on real estate portals we write an attractive text and be descriptive enough to convey the advantages that the home has. It is not enough to indicate the amount of square meters that the house has. It is vital that the buyer get a rough idea of ​​what he would gain by buying our house. In addition, we must not forget to give details of the farm and the neighborhood.

  1. Use video calls to show the house

Video calls not only serve us to communicate with our friends and our loved ones. They can also help us promote the sale of our apartment. Especially if the potential buyer we want to attract is abroad or miles away.

In this way, if we manage to awaken your interest through photos, 360º videos or the virtual visit, but you still have certain doubts, we can resort to this strategy so that you can visualize the spaces at ease. In addition, it can also serve as a tool to establish direct contact, chat with the person about the conditions of the sale and resolve all their concerns . Best of all, we can use one of the applications that we surely use daily such as Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, WhatsApp or Facetime.

  1. You are not left behind! promote the sale on social media

Social networks can serve us as an alternative showcase to real estate portals. In fact, it is increasingly being used in the home buying and selling market and real estate companies have realized the potential they have when promoting a sale.

Almost all social networks are valid to advertise our sale, but the most recommended by experts are Facebook and Instagram . This is because they allow you to better view photos and videos. In this sense, we can use our profiles to publicize the sale. Also, if we have our public accounts, it is advisable to use hashtags so that other users that we do not have as followers can view the ad.

There are also many sales groups between individuals on Facebook where we can publish our apartment for sale. In this way, we can reach the community of buyers in our town who use this tool.

How can I sell my house online for free?

Most of the tools mentioned that help us sell our house online are totally free and, in addition, very easy to use. In general, the resources that we can use at zero cost are :

  • Online appraisal tools
  • The apps to edit photos
  • The webs to draw the plans of the house
  • Real estate portals to place ads
  • Video calls to show the house
  • Social networks to publicize the sale

I want to sell my house online, can I get help?

An online real estate company sells our apartment online

The deal with the agent will be entirely online

Requires us to participate in the sale


Now, if the issue is that we want to receive help in any of the phases of the sale, but still want to manage everything online, online real estate is presented as an excellent alternative .

If we sell our apartment with an online agency, in most cases, the entire process or part of it will be done online: from the appraisal of the home to the signing of the brokerage contract. This does not mean that we will not have personalized advice during the sale. On the contrary, we will always have an agent available for us through WhatsApp, by phone or by email .

The main advantage that online real estate agencies have is that, thanks to technology, the costs are much lower, if we compare it with what we would pay a traditional agency . Of course, selling with a proptech requires a greater participation of us in the sale. Especially if we want to pay less for the service.

However, there is something for everyone, since property news  also offer us the possibility of comprehensively managing the sale through the contracting of their premium packages .